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March 16, 2009

Grangetown: Home of backward superstition

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In the last week, the local church (Catholic, I think) pushed through our letterbox fliers advertising a weekend of anti-Darwinian debate: Saturday’s itinerary was

  • Darwin in the Dock (3pm)
  • Your Family Tree – Ape or Adam? (4pm)
  • Wonders of Creation (5.45pm)
  • Genesis – The Foundation of our Faith (6.45 pm)

I did consider trying to persuade Ali and Bry to go and attend the Friday evening debate (had to be more entertaining than Comic Relief), but figured it was a doomed effort. Obviously “Catholics believe in Bible” is not a huge shock to me, but I was a bit surprised by the evangelism, think its the first we’ve heard from the church in 3 years of living down the road from them.

More entertainingly the area around us has been plastered with posters advertising a clairvoyance evening with the Duke of Clarence. It doesn’t specify which one, but none of the likely suspects seem a particularly obvious choice. The most famous Duke of Clarence was George Plantangenet who when invited to choose his own method of execution after conspiring against his brother chose to be drowned in a butt of Malmsey wine. This apart, he did little that would make him an obvious candidate to talk too though. There was also George V’s elder brother, who died young of the flu. William IV did spend some years as another Duke of Clarence, but surely if they wanted him to talk from beyond the shade they would have gone with his more glamorous title. All in all, quite bewildering.

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