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May 22, 2009

Lisbon (1)

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I pretty much turned my brain off for a couple of days on the beaches in Lagos, so no updates from there. But am now in Lisbon and here for 5 nights so I should have plenty of material for an in depth sociological analysis of Portugal’s capital. Or at least a couple of cheap jokes. So far, I’ve been in the city for a few hours and I can inform you that its very easy to navigate and has some large hills. Stay tuned for similarly thrilling updates.

It also has a big ass tree, which I am currently sitting under, though I think it is still lagging behind Cadiz in the prestigious “biggest big ass tree” competition

Big ass tree, Lisbon

Big ass tree, Lisbon

Big ass tree, Cadiz

Big ass tree, Cadiz

Taff has requested that this blog have more detailed information on local traffic conditions. I can let him now that my train into Lisbon was about 15 minutes late. The movement of cars around the city has been very slow, possibly because of a huge demonstration outside my hostel (I don’t believe that either me or the hostel is the target of the demonstration, but then again people do get very touchy about people mocking their country on travel blogs). The leisurely progress of the cars has been accompanied by considerable use of the horn, which calls to mind the joke by George Mikes about the horn in French cars being located on the drivers seat, with the driver momentarily lifing himself up from the seat to attract attention through a temporary burst of silence. Lisbon also has some rather unsightly yellow buses. I hope this is what you were looking for, Taff, everyone else can be reassured this will not become a regular feature.

Then went out for the evening with Steve and Claudia which was good fun. Claudia was the first person I have ever met who was impressed that I knew who Alexis de Tocqueville was.I don’t imagine that lightning will strike twice, but just in case: World, I know who Alexis de Tocqueville was.

Am now off to do proper tourist stuff.



  1. Awesome Josh, you are turning more American by the day. Big-ass tree indeed. (Or, since I always mentally move the hyphen, big ass-tree).

    And for everyone else, no I have not been requesting traffic updates, I had actually been complimenting Josh on writing a travel-blog, which, unlike so-oo many out there, wasn’t obsessed with pointless shit like how nice the roads were, or whether the bus was late….

    Comment by Taff — May 22, 2009 @ 5:08 pm | Reply

  2. Frightfully sorry for misunderstanding you, David, and for lapsing into the vulgar American idiom. I assure you that it (probably) won’t occur again.

    Comment by Josh — May 22, 2009 @ 9:08 pm | Reply

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