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October 21, 2009

Biggest Boozers

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Another quiz:

Biggest Beer Drinkers (per capita)

Biggest Wine Drinkers (per capita)

Discussion below for anyone who wants to try the quiz before reading it!

Most striking in the beer drinkers is the huge discrepancy between the Czechs and the Slovak, almost exactly double (more than can be put down to British stag trips to Prague I think) – no wonder Czechoslovakia was doomed. Ireland an unsurprising second. The British influence predominant outside Europe, with only her former colonies on the list.

The Wine Drinkers list isn’t hugely surprising, though perhaps some people might not have been expecting the holy denizens of the Vatican to be sopping it up quite so much. The UK still some way behind the rest of Europe for all our city centres being filled with trendy wine bars. The Mediterranean dominates, with only the Danes representing for northern Europe. Only Argentina and Uruguay outside of Europe. Do the Uruguayans drink their own wine or do they import from Argentina? I’m sure I’ve never seen a Uruguayan wine here, though loads of Argentine and Chilean stuff.

Biggest lushes – Austria, Australia, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg and Croatia all appear on both lists.


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